Fishing Charter Insurance

Owners and operators of fishing charters make their living on the water. Whether you run a large charter business or simply offer a few charters on the side we have unique programs to meet your needs. Charter boats or any other small vessel carrying passengers for hire, need special legal and liability coverage. Numerous maritime laws place burden on the master of a vessel and vessel owners are responsible for all damages resulting from negligence, including any situation in which a crew-member or passenger gets hurt. By offering both physical damage and liability coverages, our Fishing Charter Insurance program can be tailored specifically to meet your needs, ensuring your vessel, crew, and passengers are all protected.

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Coverages Include:

  • Inshore fishing/guide charter
  • Offshore fishing charter
  • Sightseeing charter
  • Excursion vessels
  • Diver charters (no in-water coverage is provided)
  • Fleet / multiple vessel programs available

The team at Outdoor Underwriters has the knowledge and experience to ensure all of your charter insurance needs are met.

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