Resorts and Lodges Insurance

Resorts and Lodges offer guests a chance to get away from it all. In many cases a guest may seek out your location due to its rustic design, unique location, or to partake in the resort activities in your area. Often times your lodge will be in a remote area that makes it difficult for most insurance companies to offer a comprehensive and affordable insurance package. Another scenario that presents a challenge for most insurers is the risk of property damage due to frame lodge construction within unprotected fire areas. Our resort and lodge insurance programs are designed to protect you and your business from these unique exposures, while providing the business coverages you need in a convenient package policy. Making sure you and your business are properly protected is our main priority.

Outdoor Underwriters works with the leading insurers of Resorts and Lodges across the country. Property, General Liability, Personal Liability, Liquor Liability, Crime, Automobile, Marine Operators Legal Liability, Watercraft Liability, Equine Liability, and Recreational activities are all available as part of our Resorts and Lodges insurance program.

The team at Outdoor Underwriters has the knowledge and experience to ensure all of your business insurance needs are met.

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