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ATV Safety

Practicing ATV safety can make ATV riding a fun and exciting sport as well as a key element in agricultural work. In recent years ATV injuries and deaths have dramatically increased in the U.S....

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Flooding & High Water

Flooding and high water levels can quickly cause dangerous conditions to exist on timberland. Some simple steps prior to, during, and after flooding may help protect your property....

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Gun Safety: Own it. Respect it. Secure it.

Hunting seasons may change but one thing remains the same - gun safety. Outdoor Underwriters would like you to keep the following gun...

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Heart Attack

During the 2016 hunting season we noticed an increased incidence of heart attacks. While these are not liability type occurrences, the subject is worthy of discussion. According to the U.S. Fish...

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Hunter Check-In Boxes

Background: A hunter was leaving the woods after an early morning hunt. It was a foggy, misty fall day in the Southern coastal plain. Personal Characteristics: He was an experienced...

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Hunter Shoots Forester's Pickup

Background: On an early morning in April a turkey hunter set up his blind and decoys on a private wooded road. He was an experienced...

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Hunt Club Safety

As your club prepares for the upcoming hunting season now is a good time to review your club’s safety procedures and examine areas that cause the most frequent injuries...

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Hunting Lease Liability - Limiting Exposures

Private landowners in the south have a long tradition of leasing their land to hunting clubs. Land leasing permitted clubs to gain some control...

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Hunting the Rut

Each year hunters wait patiently for “the rut”, when bucks undoubtedly are less cautious and more visible in their vagrant search for does. Breeding time can in fact be a very productive time of the year...

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Tree Stand Injuries

One of the most common deer hunting practices is the use of an elevated hunting stand. The days of walking in the woods ad sitting against a tree along a well-traveled deer trail...

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Turkey Hunting Safety

Each spring thousands of hunters enter the woods in pursuit of the eastern wild turkey. Turkey hunting is considered one of the most challenging hunts. The typical hunter will use concealment...

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Warming Fire Spreads to Adjacent Landowners

Background: It was a December night in the southeast and weather was cool and breezy. A hunting club was camping on a designated site on leased hunting...

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Feel free to print our hunting tips to pass around to your members or to post on your hunting property or lodge.

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